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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

3 Modern Designer Bag Brands Worth Checking Out

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As much as I love classic designer brands, sometimes there's something fun about branching out and trying something fresh and new. I very rarely invest in brand new bags, because quite frankly the pre-loved designer bag market is just so good, but I know I can be tempted by special pieces from more affordable modern brands. In fact, there are a couple of bags that I've spied online and am keen to add to my collection - and I'm going to share them with you today.

Just a bit of background on my taste in bags; I'm a real sucker for special (especially handmade) leather clutches. I typically only carry clutch bags to parties and events, but that's why I like wearing special pieces. These bags tend to get a lot of attention and I'll often get asked all sorts of questions about the brands and designs - and where they're available to purchase. If you're anything like me, you'll know that there is a special pleasure in carrying something unique or rare, something that your friends probably don't own. So if you're into being a little bit different then I think you'll enjoy the three brands featured in today's post. They're all great examples of new, modern designers producing interesting and wearable pieces, and the price points are low enough that they don't feel like too much of an investment. 

3 Modern Designer Bag Brands Worth Checking Out: Stored and Adored

Clemsa have a small catalogue of designs offering origami inspired, handmade leather bags. Often there is only one bag made in each type/colour of leather, so you're able to get your hands on unique pieces at a good price. I'm a particular fan of the metallic leathers - especially the blue and gold - which feel particularly party-appropriate, but there are also some lovely pastel options that would be great for wearing to spring/summer weddings.

3 Modern Designer Bag Brands Worth Checking Out: Stored and Adored

Out of the three brands featured in today's post, Death in Paris offer the most variety in their catalogue. There are definitely thematic links between their bags (that transparent PVC strip makes a couple of other appearances) but if you're not a clutch person then there are some other styles that you might enjoy. 

Personally, I think the Rivage clutch bags look effortless, modern and chic. Plus, the price is comparable to the high street, but you're getting something that your friends probably won't have seen before. Keep an eye out for discount codes (there's 15% off for new customers) and regular sales, where these clutches can get reduced down to an incredibly tempting £48.

3 Modern Designer Bag Brands Worth Checking Out: Stored and Adored

Adaism is another brand that offers handmade leather pieces, available in a range of colours and three  standard sizes (with the smallest priced at approximately €95.00, and pictured above in blue). Adaism's trademark clutch is this lunch-bag style, which really suits modern minimalist outfits. My favourite size is the largest (approximately €265) in the metallic leather finish. However, I have a feeling that these bags will show signs of wear relatively quickly thanks to the folds and rolls in the leather. If you've ever owned a bag in this style (I know Jil Sander released something similar in 2012, and there are bound to be others) then I'd love to know what the wear was like!

What do you think of these designs?
Are there any lesser-known brands that you'd recommend?

Disclaimer: three of the images in this post are screenshots taken from the respective websites discussed, I do not own these images. 

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