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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Rebecca Minkoff MAC & Mini MAC Bag Review

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collage made from: photo by Sarah Tirona (left) / CC BY / edited: cropped
photo by Sarah Tirona (right) / CC BY / edited: cropped

Rebecca Minkoff's M.A.C. (which stands for "Morning After Clutch") and Mini M.A.C. have been a huge success for the designer, and she credits the style for propelling her brand into the spotlight. 

First designed in the mid-noughties, the MAC bag has become an incredibly popular choice for many women. I first discovered the style whilst watching handbag collection videos on YouTube, where I noticed that many, many women had a Rebecca Minkoff MAC in their wardrobe. Compare to many other designer handbags, Rebecca Minkoff Bags are relatively affordable and this makes them more accessible to first-time designer-handbag shoppers.

On Rebecca Minkoff's website the Mini Mac Bags retail for approx £166 (down to £112/£99 when on sale) and the MAC bags retail for approx £250 (down to £125 on sale). However, it is possible to buy both styles on the pre-loved designer handbag market at even more affordable prices.

storedandadored designer bag blog
photo by PandaLovePhotography / CC BY

If you decide to buy shop for one of these bags online then there's an easy way to identify whether you're looking at a Rebecca Minkoff MAC or Mini MAC bag. All you have to do is count the number of studs on the bottom of the bag; if there are four studs (like in the photo above) then the bag is a Mini MAC, if there are five studs (like in the photo below) then you're looking at a MAC bag. Ocassionally, some older models of the Mini MAC bag will have five studs on the bottom of the bag but the larger MAC will always feature five studs.

Both the MAC and Mini MAC feature a chain strap with a leather panel that sits on your shoulder. In this way, the design mimics much more expensive bags (like the Chanel Classic Flap), offering the style of a chain strap with the comfort of a leather one. The strap is also removable, which means that both sizes of MAC bag can also be worn as a clutch bag. 

stored and adored designer bag blog
photo by Adiel / CC BY

Rebecca Minkoff MAC Bag11 inches wide, 8 inches high, 2 inches deep, 21 inch strap
Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC9 inches wide, 6.5 inches high, 1.5 inches deep, 21 inch adjustable strap

As you can see from the information above, the two sizes similar in their dimensions but they do look quite different from one another when worn. Compare the image of the orange MAC bag above to the other Mini MAC bags featured in the other photos. In contrast, the orange MAC bag does look much larger and boxier, an overall better choice for everyday wear. Meanwhile, the Mini MAC is considerably smaller which makes it a more elegant option for evening wear. 

Have you seen Rebecca Minkoff's MAC and Mini MAC Bags before?
What do you think of the design?

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