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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Pre-Loved Smythson Bags & Why They're Worth Buying

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Smythson is a British designer brand, with their flagship London store located on New Bond Street. Founded in 1887, Smythson have over 125 years of experience in producing high-quality leather goods and their general style is simple and classic, with the occasional pop of colour. From my experience, the quality of Smythson's designer bags is pretty good as I've handled models with over fifteen years of regular use that still look and feel pretty fabulous. 

In recent years, one of Smythson's more important decisions was to appoint Samantha Cameron (who was, at the time, wife to the British Prime Minister) as creative director of the company. Samantha Cameron went on to design some of the brand's more famous handbags and really championed the brand into a new level of popularity. Smythson saw a stream of celebrities carrying Cameron's handbag designs, and in 2009 Smythson's Maze Bag was named as Grazia's "most spotted handbag" during the Spring/Summer London Fashion Week. Indeed, Cameron herself made it a point to get the designs coverage and she was often photographed carrying multiple models from the brand's collection. This was certainly a high point for Smythson in terms of media coverage and celebrity endorsement, but since Cameron's departure the quality of their products has remained impeccable. 

Smythson's catalogue is still full of wearable styles with a smart, work-appropriate feel. I don't think that they're necessarily the most fun designs, but I could certainly see myself investing in one as I think that they have a timeless-feel that helps to justify their retail price. From my experience handling them, I've also noticed that they're typically made from good-quality, robust leathers which not only keep their structure well but also stand up to regular usage. So long as you routinely treat the leather with some sort of moisturiser, these are bags which can last really well. 

Great news for pre-loved bag lovers; Smythson bags are notoriously good value when bought second-hand, and they can be scooped up for much less that 50% of the original RRP. Indeed, this is how I've had the pleasure of carrying some of Smythson's classic styles, including Samantha Cameron's famous Nancy and Maze designs. Often people sell their old handbags because they're looking a little tired, but when they're stuffed properly during storage and polished they can really come back to life. 

I regularly sell authentic pre-loved Smythson bags, and when my new online store Stored and Adored launches they will be available to view and buy online. Sign up to our mailing list to be notified when our online store opens, because if you're interested in buying into the brand these pre-loved models will offer great value for money.

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