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Friday, 23 September 2016

Delvaux's Luxury Leather Bags

stored and adored designer bag blog
Photo by Mark Florquin / CCBY

Operating since 1829, Delvaux is the oldest fine leather goods house in the world, and I discovered their incredible handbags during my very first commercial purchase as a bag dealer. As first opportunities go, this was one pretty incredible; and I found myself excitedly buying up the majority of a wealthy New Yorker’s handbag collection. I am pretty sure that any woman I might have shown – regardless of their knowledge or interest in designer handbags – would have swooned at the leather goods that were now in my possession. It was my first time handling brands such as Loewe, CĂ©line, Bottega Veneta and Delvaux – and I was immediately obsessed.

stored and adored designer bag blog
Photo by Pierre Swillens / CC BY

This first introduction to luxury designer handbags really set everything in motion for me. I instantly knew that this was a commodity that I wanted to handle and that I could truly be passionate about sharing and re-selling handbags. Although I did manage to turn a profit from this first commercial deal, the main reward came when I decided to put aside the best bags to keep for myself. This turned out to be one of my better ideas, and it set me up with a small but enviable collection.  

The two front-runners vying for position as my favourite handbag were from Loewe and Delvaux. I now had in my collection a Loewe Flamenco 36 Handbag (in the old style with tassels, rather than knots) and an ostrich-skin Delvaux Poirier Shoulder Bag – both in immaculate condition. As much as I love the Loewe Flamenco design, I was completely won over by the craftsmanship and luxuriousness of the exotic leather Delvaux bag. Quite frankly, wearing that bag makes me feel like a princess.

storedandadored designer bag blog
Photo by Design Vlaanderen / CC BY

Since discovering that first Delvaux handbag, I have had the pleasure of handling quite a few other models from the brand. One of the brand's most iconic designs is the Brilliant bag (pictured above), which has been in production since 1958. I first got my hands on one last autumn, in a classic cognac brown colour that just oozed luxury. Being able to handle the bag, to really feel and enjoy it's structured design, that was when I understood why the model has become such a classic - worn by royalty and celebrities alike. 

After that experience I really made it a mission to buy and sell more Delvaux bags, however, I doubt I will ever see all of the models for myself as Delvaux has created more than three-thousand handbag designs. Although the brand is generally well-known and very highly regarded, the vast majority of Delvaux's sales are made in their home country of Belgium. Nevertheless, recently there has been a concerted effort to expand the brand, with new flagship boutiques opening in Paris, Tokyo and London – so it is now possible to see their biannual collections outside of Belgium. I have visited the London store, on New Bond Street, and found it to be a fantastic venue with friendly and knowledgeable staff. 

storedandadored designer bag blog
Photo by VisitFlanders / CC BY

My online store, Stored and Adored, will specialise in selling the type and quality of handbag that I would be proud to carry myself. I have already sold a few vintage Delvaux handbags to very happy European customers (including that handsome cognac brown Brilliant bag), and there will always be a place for the brand in my stockroom. If you find yourself lusting after any of Delvaux’s classic vintage pieces - and at much more affordable prices than elsewhere - then you should be sure to sign up to our mailing list.


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