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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

6 More Amazing Handbag Collection YouTube Videos for Designer Bag Obsessives

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Designer handbag collection videos make for compulsive viewing. For me, they fill that void when I'm trying to stay away from expensive purchases, but they are actually also very helpful when you want some inspiration on what to buy next. This is the second time that I've gathered together amazing handbag collection YouTube videos, and I think that I'm even happier with this selection! If you love designer bags, and if you love discovering new YouTubers, then take some time out and dive into the wardrobes of these five amazing women - I don't think that you'll regret it!

Kaja Marie - My Handbag Collection

Kaja Marie is one of my new favourite YouTubers; I think that she's got a really mellow, soothing personality and her sense of style is just the epitome of cool. Kaja mentions in a few of her videos that she loves designer bags but that she likes to buy them when they're on sale, and I think that this is a pretty smart move. Her collection features some great brands in really fun colours, and it's the sort of handbag collection that I really adore. 

Patricia Bright - Designer Handbag Collection

Patricia is a really fun YouTube personality, and I generally enjoy all of your fashion videos. Her designer handbag collection has grown over time and features some lovely classic designer brands and styles. I'm particularly enamoured with her Céline Trapeze Bag, as this is one of the bags on my own personal wishlist.

Mademoiselle - My Handbag Collection

I started watching Mademoiselle's video series on her capsule wardrobe, and that's when I stumbled across her handbag collection video. It's a small, edited collection, and not everything is a designer piece. Nevertheless, it's full of pretty styles and colours, and is a good reminder that you don't need to have every popular bag under the sun to have a full and functional collection. 

Style Playground - Designer Bag Collection (Part 1 & 2)

I discovered Axelle's videos when I was looking for new handbag collection videos, and her two-parter is really worth watching. She has a lovely collection featuring a great range of both brands and colours, and I was left with some serious handbag envy. 

Jess Aleks - Designer Bag Collection

I'm going to end this line-up with a slightly different sort of YouTuber. Jess is super, super sassy and really opinionated - and, to be completely honest, I find her bag reviews incredibly helpful! Sometimes there's nothing worse than when people sit on the fence about designer items, especially when you're trying to pick between buying one of two pieces. If you're looking for a fresh face to watch on YouTube then I'd really recommend her videos, especially her video about the designer bags  she's sold and why she sold them. 

Did you enjoy these designer bag collection videos?
What YouTubers do you love watching? 

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