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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Is Fast Fashion Bad? And is it Better to Buy Designer "Dupes" or Pre-Loved Bags?

stored and adored bag blog: designer dupes vs pre loved bags
photo by Maria Morri via flickr / CC BY / edited: resized, sharper, brighter

Thanks to the fast fashion industry - championed by companies like Zara, Topshop, H&M and Forever 21 - designer "dupes" are appearing faster than ever in our highstreet stores. One week you'll spot a trend emerge on the runway, and the next you'll be able to buy an affordable version which may seem a little bit more than "inspired by" the original designer creation. Although the practice of designers copying from one another is anything but new, fast fashion has changed the face of our high streets and the expectations of shoppers. Consumers now now expect to be able to buy into designer trends, at highstreet prices and quickly too. Although designer "dupes" are created with the intention of replicating trends, they can also bring with them their own noteworthy creative flair. In so doing, fast fashion can, ironically, work to sustain, and even revive, trends that would otherwise only enjoy half of their current shelf-life. 

Is fast fashion "good" or "bad", and should we be buying these designer "dupes" that highstreet stores churn out each season? Or is it better to invest in pre-loved designer equivalents?


Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Delvaux Vintage Leather Bucket Bag

stored and adored designer bag blog

Here at Stored and Adored we're ardent fans of Delvaux's luxury leather goods, and we take great pleasure in sharing and re-selling our vintage finds. Today we're focusing in on our latest discovery; this gorgeous Delvaux Leather Bucket Bag in two-tone grey leather with gold-toned hardware.

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