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Friday, 23 September 2016

Is Pre-Loved Designer Fashion The More Sustainable Choice? #30wears

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Photo by Rawle C. Jackman / CC BY

I don’t know about you, but I’ll often pick up a glossy magazine at the beginning of the month and then not find a solitary moment to sit down and enjoy it until the next issue is already on the shelves. That, certainly, is what happened last month when I bought Elle, and only this week did I finally make my way through its pages.

Somewhere in the middle of the magazine I found a piece by Jess Cartner-Morley where she identifies and examines a high-fashion shopping trend of ‘dressing for you’. In contrast to years of shopping designer fashion for elaborate and often un-wearable pieces, Cartner-Morley explains that she has now discovered the pleasure of spending that same money on everyday designer items, such coats or shirts. For her, this represents a movement away from curating a museum-esque collection of dramatic high-fashion that barely sees the light of day. This shopping culture is replaced with something more suitable for her lifestyle, with a sustainable edge that fits with Livia Firth’s mantra of ‘will you wear this a minimum of 30 times?’

9 Must Watch "What's In My Bag" YouTube Videos

stored and adored designer bag blog
Photo by Tyler Pruitt / CC BY

I am a self confessed YouTube fanatic. Whatever you're into, there is a YouTube channel that will cater to your interests; and if you're into handbags then you'll be glad to know that there are dozens of great options!

In the world of YouTube, the "What's In My Bag" video has become somewhat of a cult classic. Many YouTubers will show you their handbag (and only pretty designer options have made it into today's collection) and they'll walk you through what they typically like to carry around with them. Not only is this a great way to snoop inside fashionistas' handbags, but it often also gives you a great close-up of designer bags, as well as highlighting just how much, or how little, can fit inside.

So, find somewhere comfy to sit and take a browse, hopefully there will be a designer bag (or YouTube personality) that clicks with you.

Delvaux's Luxury Leather Bags

stored and adored designer bag blog
Photo by Mark Florquin / CCBY

Operating since 1829, Delvaux is the oldest fine leather goods house in the world, and I discovered their incredible handbags during my very first commercial purchase as a bag dealer. As first opportunities go, this was one pretty incredible; and I found myself excitedly buying up the majority of a wealthy New Yorker’s handbag collection. I am pretty sure that any woman I might have shown – regardless of their knowledge or interest in designer handbags – would have swooned at the leather goods that were now in my possession. It was my first time handling brands such as Loewe, Céline, Bottega Veneta and Delvaux – and I was immediately obsessed.

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