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Dedicated to Designer and Pre-Loved Bags


The Stored and Adored brand was born in the early part of 2016, roughly seven months after I began professionally buying and selling authentic pre-loved designer bags. Over the last eighteen months I've dedicated myself to learning everything I can about designer handbags, and I've successfully sold to clients all over the world; both directly and via reputable re-selling websites. 

In 2017, I'll be opening my own online store so that I have a better platform to sell my designer finds. This online store is, a retail website that will specialise in the sale of authentic pre-loved designer bags at temptingly affordable prices. 

This blog,, is associated with my retail website. My aim for this blog is that it will be both interesting and informative for handbag lovers. There will be blog posts about newly available stock (expect pretty pictures of many designer bags!) as well as in-depth bag reviews, information about popular designer brands and opinion pieces related to the pre-loved and designer fashion markets. 

Stored and Adored - both the retail store, blog and social media platforms - are all run and managed by one person. If you're interested in getting in touch via a comment or over on social media, then you'll get through to Angelica (hello!) and I'll be happy to talk to you about anything handbag related. 

I'd also be happy to hear any content requests that you might have. If you'd like to know more about a certain kind of leather, how to keep your bag in better condition, or any other information, tips and recommendations then please just let me know in a comment, social media message or by email (all contact info is over on the contact page).

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