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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Furla Metropolis Bag Review

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photo by PandaLovePhotography / CC BY

The Furla Metropolis Bag (in the mini size) is an incredibly popular bag.

In London, where I live, it's hard to go a day without seeing one of these bags - and they're worn by all sorts of people. Furla makes the Metropolis bags in a big range of colours, and many limited edition seasonal designs (like the bag in the photograph above). This means that whatever your style or your age, so long as you like mini bags, there's going to be a Metropolis bag that will work for you and your wardrobe.

storedandadored designer handbag blog
photo by McArthurGlen Designer Outlets / CC BY

Furla Metropolis Bag

Height 12cm / Width 16.5cm / Depth 8cm

Furla's Metropolis Bag retails for £220 / $298, and this makes it an affordable "entry level" designer handbag. This might be one reason why so many people choose to carry this bag, but I think that it also has a lot to do with its practical and functional design.

Although it is an undeniably small bag, the Metropolis is pretty roomy thanks to its large single interior compartment. According to the measurements I could just about fit my iPhone 7, however, I would have to remove my protective case. It's certainly true that as phones get bigger, mini-bags become less and less practical, but so long as my mobile phone fits inside then I'll be happy to carry them!

Furla's Metropolis bag is very lightweight and this makes it comfortable to wear despite the chain strap. I have to admit that the style of the chain strap isn't my favourite - that title goes to the chain on Valentino's Lock Bag - but it doesn't look too cheap, which is important when you're spending hundreds of pounds on a handbag.

stored and adored designer bag blog: furla mini bag review
photo by PandaLovePhotography / CC BY

The chain strap is quite long, and it is definitely designed for the bag to worn across the body (like in the photo above). If you're on the taller side, then it is possible to wear the Metropolis as a shoulder bag (see the photo below), but on many people the bag would sit too low on the body to be comfortable. Alternatively, the strap can be removed so that the bag can be worn as a clutch. This versatility is definitely appealing, as it makes a design seem better value for money - who doesn't love having options!

There are a couple of little details that make me like the bag even more. On the front of the bag you can see a metal closure - similar to the sort found on 3.1 Phillip Lim's Pashli bags - and this closure can actually be locked as the bag comes with a tiny little key. Although it would be impractical to use regularly, I do think that these little functioning details are what you might expect from a more expensive designer purchase.

Additionally, on the base of the bag there are four metallic studded feet - protecting the leather base of the bag when you set it down. Again, this is a detail that you ususally only find on more expensive designer bags. Not only will it help protect a bag from wear and tear, but it also helps to make the Metropolis design feel more luxurious.

storedandadored designer bag blog: mini bag review
photo by thetrendspotter / CC BY

There are a couple of details that let the design down a little bit. Furla's Metropolis bag doesn't have any back pocket, so you have to keep going in and out of the bag to access your essentials. I do appreciate when there is a narrow slip-pocket on the back of bags, as this is typically where I store my travel card when I take public transport around London. 

Another potentially disappointing detail is that the interior of the bag is lined in fabric rather than leather. The downside of this is that fabric interiors are much more prone to showing wear and tear, especially staining. If you're careful with your designer handbags then this isn't such a big deal, but over time a stained interior might eventually ruin your enjoyment of the bag. 

What do you think of Furla's Metropolis Bag?
Is it a style that you would wear?

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