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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Delvaux Vintage Leather Bucket Bag

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Here at Stored and Adored we're ardent fans of Delvaux's luxury leather goods, and we take great pleasure in sharing and re-selling our vintage finds. Today we're focusing in on our latest discovery; this gorgeous Delvaux Leather Bucket Bag in two-tone grey leather with gold-toned hardware.

As with the majority of Delvaux's vintage bags, this bucket bag is made from thick and durable leather with a soft unlined interior. The design of the bag is well-considered and highly functional; the interior is roomy and can hold a lot which makes it a perfect candidate for everyday use, the strap is comfortable and doesn't slip from the shoulder, and the bag can either be secured or left open for easier access. In short, this is a practical and stylish design that's easy to carry and use, and the inherent high quality of Delvaux's materials means that this bucket bag could be worn season after season. 

Although you do occasionally see the same designs appear more than once on the pre-loved market, this isn't typically a regular occurrence. Your best bet with any vintage design is to snap it up when you see something that you like. This particular example features a mix of grey leather, and this colour  combination complements monochrome outfits and blue denim, which means that it would be an easy fit for many wardrobes. 

The Delvaux Leather Bucket Bag featured in this blog post is available to purchase from Stored and Adored for £180. If you're interested in purchasing the bag and would like to see high quality close-up images of the bag then please email 

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