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Thursday, 27 April 2017

4 Reasons You Should Buy Mini Bags

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Photo by Marianne Chagnon, 'Spy A Silhouette'

Have you been toying with the idea of buying a mini bag?
Are you looking for advice on whether or not they're a good investment?

I've got 4 pretty convincing reasons why you should go ahead and buy the mini bag of your dreams. 

Mini Bags can Save Money

When you browse popular purse brands they will often sell the same style of bag in multiple sizes, eg. Saint Laurent and the Sac du Jour, or Mulberry and the Lily. Usually, the smallest size is also the cheapest, which means that by investing in a mini bag you're able to buy into your favourite designer brand or style for the least amount possible.

Mini Bags Can Save Space
Due to their inherently small nature, mini bags are easier to store as they take up less room. If you're looking to save space (or if you just don't have much space to spare) then this makes them a great option, as you can easily house multiple mini bags in the same amount of space that it would take to store one large tote bag. 

Mini Bags Can Save You From Injuries
We all know that for the good out our back and shoulders we should carry lighter bags. However, when you have a large bag it's really tempting to overload it. In comparison, when you carry a small or mini bag you just don't have that option. Mini bags force you to only carry what you need, saving your body from long term damage!

Mini Bags Never Go Out of Style
Mini bags might seem particularly trendy right now, but so long as you pick the right brand and style then they never really go out of style. Small bags are typically understood as being delicate and feminine, and that's a look that never dates. Buy your mini bags from luxury brands with classic styles (think: Chanel's Mini Flap Bag, or Louis Vuitton's Alma BB) and you'll almost certainly be making a savvy designer purchase.

What's your opinion on mini bags? 
Are they something that you would invest in?

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