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Sunday, 2 April 2017

What is Suede? How to Care for Suede?

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photo by fervent-adept-de-la-mode / CC BY / edited: resized, brighter

Suede (pronounced swayed) is a type of leather with a napped (fuzzy) finish. It is made from the underside of the skin, the part that would have been attached to the inside of the animal. 

Suede is usually produced in one of two ways; the skin is turned upside down so that the underside faces up, or the leather is split apart and the top-grain (the thicker part near the top of the skin) is taken away.

stored and adored preloved designer bag blogphoto by Lauren Indvik / CC BY / edited: resized, brighter

The first method produces a type of suede that is as strong as full-grain leather. Whereas, in the second method, the suede produced is thinner and less durable because the tough exterior skin layer has been removed. However, this type of suede is a softer and more pliable leather, and it is suede's pliability that makes it such a suitable choice for clothing.

Suede is a luxurious fabric and it is extrememly decorative - but it is not that durable. Due to its texture and open pores, suede can easily become dirty and it is susceptible to water damage and lipid (grease) absorbtion, so you also need to stay wary of touching it with dirty hands.

stored and adored preloved designer bag blog
photo by Fox Cartel / CC BY / edited: cropped, brighter

When you purcase something made from suede, you can treat it with a suede protector to help improve its durability. You should do this before the item has a chance to get wet or dirty - it's much easier to prevent wear-and-tear than to fix it. If you do want to clean your suede item them you should first try using a dry sponge, otherwise you should resort to using a suede brush to remove the gradual build up of dust and dirt.


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