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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

7 Must Watch "Best and Worst Designer Purchases" YouTube Videos

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If you're "into" designer fashion then you'll know from experience that it can helpful to get recommendations and read reviews before investing in something expensive. Magazines have been pointing us towards designer purchases for years, but there's something a lot more fun and informative about the YouTube video format - where savvy shoppers talk you through their favourite purchases, as well as their shopping errors. This is what you'll find in "Best and Worst Designer Purchases" videos, a series of in depth recommendations and warnings that give you a much better perspective on those bags, shoes or clothing items that you've had your eye on. 

Today I've gathered together 7 of my favourite "Best and Worst Designer Purchases" videos, from some of my favourite YouTubers. Whether you're a die-hard designer shopper or just wanting to live vicariously, these videos are all fun to watch as well as giving you some much needed advice on what items to avoid altogether! 

Hello October

The Moments

Lizzy Hadfield

Chase Amie

In The Frow

Tamara Kalinic

Fleur de Force

What are some of your best/worst designer purchases?
And are there any other YouTube videos that you'd recommend?

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