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Saturday, 1 October 2016

5 Amazing Handbag Collection Videos for Designer Bag Obsessives

Photo by Tyler Pruitt / CC BY

Whether you have one designer bag or twenty, once you're on the designer handbag bandwagon it's hard not to become obsessed. If you're anything like me then you'll positively love having a nose around other people's collections, especially when they're inviting you in! 

There are countless designer handbag collection videos on YouTube, but they're not all made equal. There's something pleasing about seeing a variety of brands and colour and, of course, the YouTuber themselves can make or break a video. 

Today I've gathered together give of my favourite handbag collection videos, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

 Chase Amie - Handbag Collection 

Chase Amie's YouTube videos are some of my favourites. Maybe it's because we're a similar age with pretty similar taste, but I could honestly watch her videos all day long. Her handbag collection is really interesting because it features some honest to goodness designer classics alongside some really fun and unusual styles and colours. Although I'm pretty happy with my own bag collection I don't think I'd mind swapping for a day or two...

 Fleur de Force - Handbag Collection 

Fleur has excellent taste in handbags, and she has a series of these videos which demonstrate how her taste has changed over the years. You won't spot too many off-the-wall choices, but if you're into modern classic styles then you'll probably really enjoy this video.

 Amelia Liana - Designer Bag Collection 

I'd describe Amelia's taste in designer bags as fashionable with a touch of kookiness thrown in. Her video is particularly interesting because she's had some of these bags for a long time and she goes into the stories behind how and why she purchased them. 

 Tamara Kalinic - Designer Bag Collection 

I think Tamara's collection is the biggest and most show-stopping out of these five videos. She has expensive tastes and a really beautifully varied collection that leaves a lot to get excited about! I really enjoy Tamara's videos because of her sweet personality and I love her style. If you're really into luxury fashion and lifestyle videos then her channel won't disappoint.

 The Moments - Designer Bag Collection 

Ksenija's YouTube channel is full of beautiful content - from travel vlogs to designer fashion. I stumbled across her videos whilst looking for new bag videos and I've been charmed by how gentle and sweet she comes across in all of her videos. I also think that she has a lovely designer bag collection, so this video is well worth watching.

I don't know about you, but those videos are a feast for the eyes!  And if you haven't already hit handbag overload then I've also gathered together 9 of my favourite 'What's In My Bag' videos.


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