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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

A Loewe Love Affair

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My first ever designer handbag was a vintage Loewe clutch – and I stumbled across it completely by accident. It was a weekend and my dad had asked if I’d mind picking up a vintage clock that he’d bought online, and by a stroke of luck I said yes and headed out the door. Once I got to the sales venue I discovered a room full of gorgeous antique furniture, and a wall of designer bags on consignment.

At the time, I wasn’t really “into” designer fashion and I didn’t know that much about designer brands. However, there was one bag that really stood out to me – a structured Loewe clutch bag in black textured leather. It was simple and elegant, and it was my first experience of pre-loved designer prices. In short, I realised that not only could I actually afford the bag but that it actually represented a pretty good investment compared to buying high street bags (which, absurdly, can often command similar prices).

After that encounter I knew that Loewe was going to be one of ‘my’ designer brands. In an earlier post that I wrote about Delvaux’s luxury bags, I mentioned that not long afterwards I bought a job-lot of handbags from the family of a New York socialite, which included a number of Loewe handbags. I sold the majority of these designer pieces in order to afford to keep my favourites. Along with a gorgeous Delvaux Poirier Shoulder Bag in ostrich skin, I kept one of Loewe’s Flamenco Bags in the larger 36 size.

stored and adored designer bag blog
Photo by Natt Muangsiri  / CC BY / resized 

Loewe has a long and rich history, not only has it been crafting luxury leather goods since 1846 but it was once also appointed to dress the Spanish royal family. However, with the fast-paced changes of 21st century fashion (and the even faster-paced whims of 21st century consumers) there have been some pivotal brand decisions which have kept Loewe "current" and forward-thinking. In 2013, the appointment of creative director Jonathan Anderson was a turning point for the brand, with his design vision moving Loewe in a new direction that worked to re-establish the fashion house as the epitome of chic and cool. Loewe's handbags have traditionally had a very timeless and elegant feel, in much the same way as Bottega Veneta, but Anderson's designs are adding a more trendy element to the seasonal ranges.

One of Anderson's important early decisions was to re-launch a couple of Loewe's classic handbag styles. The Flamenco Bag (traditionally decorated with tassels) had a modern re-boot and proved very successful - and this design, featuring leather knots, is still available in stores today. Additionally, the Amazona, one of Loewe's most popular styles, makes reappearances season after season with fun modern updates. What could be seen from these decisions was that, as a brand, Loewe was working towards establishing a harmony between their tradition and a more modern stance. This progression has been ongoing and has included the release of some of Anderson's own designs for Loewe, including the Puzzle bag which is now generally heralded as one of the brand's modern-classics. 

Season by season, the face of Loewe is changing. Most of the bags in their catalogue have that familiar and reassuring air of timelessness, but there are quite a few unexpected surprises too. For me personally, I find the allure of the modern designs appealing as they make Loewe seem more young and fun. However, the classic shapes in the famously high-quality leathers simply ooze style and class, and I think they're pretty hard to beat. If you're looking to invest in a Loewe bag then I think the brand is a particularly good candidate for pre-loved shopping. Due to Loewe's regular re-issue/re-imagination of popular vintage styles, many of their vintage bags have been given a new lease of life. 

stored and adored designer bag blog
Photo by Fervent-adepte-de-la-mode / CC BY / adapted into a collage
Photo by Payal Jaggi / CC BY / adapted into a collage

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