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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Kwanpen's Luxury Exotic Leather Bags

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Founded in 1938, Kwanpen is a luxury brand based in Singapore. Kwanpen specializes in making exotic leather goods from ethically sources skins, all of which meet the strongest starts set by CITES.[1]

Every Kwanpen design is prouced in the brand’s design studio in Singapore, and the brand’s craftsmen are required to undergo a rigorous apprenticeship program. Before they are allowed to work on difficult exotic leathers, very apprentice trains under a master craftsman with more than twenty years of experience. Typically, all of Kwanpen’s handbags require a minimum of thirty man-hours to craft, ensuring a luxurious and exquisite finish.
 Kwanpen has maintained interest in its brand thanks to the prestige that its exotic leather goods still command. In Hong Kong the bags are highly sought after and often carried by celebrities, for instance Chinese screen siren Gong Li has been seen carrying Kwanpen bags. Younger generations have been enticed by the brand’s use of seasonal bright colours, which complement the latest ready-to-wear collections from fashion houses worldwide.
 Although they are no longer produced, Kwanpen used to make Birkin and Kelly look-alike bags in their luxury exotic leathers. These look-alike bags have caused some controversy among online communities of handbag-lovers. However, the general opinion remains that Kwanpen’s other bags are all very good quality and are coveted by women worldwide.
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photos by ASCBarkerRoad NLBS50 / CC BY / edited

In September 2015, Kwanpen opened their first European boutique in London’s Burlington Arcade. Situated in the heart of Mayfair, this is a wonderful location that fits the brand’s values of luxury and elegance. The new shop is three-stories and packed full of Kwanpen’s beautiful exotic leather goods – a must-visit for any handbag lovers located in London!
I have had the pleasure of handling a number of Kwanpen’s luxurious exotic leather bags, and I’ve been incredibly impressed with each and every one of them. Kwanpen’s products command very high prices, which tend to go up each year in line with increases in the price of exotic skins. Although Kwanpen specialise in crocodile leather goods they do also work with other exotic leathers, including ostrich skin. However, as they produce fewer of these bags they're hard to find in the pre-owned handbag market.
When you spot Kwanpen handbags in the preloved market then I really would encourage you to make the most of the discount. With Kwanpen, not only are you buying into the luxury exotic leather market but you’re also investing in special designer pieces from a well-established and highly esteemed Singaporean brand. The robust quality of the bags is impressive given their delicate and feminine designs, and I truly do believe that Kwanpen bags are lifelong investments. 
You can purchase authentic preloved Kwanpen bags from our online preloved designer bag store.

[1] CITES is an international agreement between governments which aims to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival.


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