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Monday, 31 July 2017

The Céline Belt Bag

photo by Carrie. A / CC BY / edited: cropped, sharper, brighter

The Belt Bag is one of my favourite designs from Céline's archive. I think that the bag looks both simple and elegant, and it is made available in a range of seriously dreamy neutrals.

In the photograph above you can see one way in which the Belt Bag can be carried, by the top handle. The other ways to carry the bag requires the use of the detachable strap, which allows the bag to be worn on the shoulder or across the body. Céline make the Belt Bag in three sizes - Small, Mini and Micro - all three of which seem very wearable; unlike the Céline Luggage Tote, which has some ridiculously large and heavy options!

As far as aethetics go, the Céline Belt Bag has really nailed luxurious minimalism. The bag is free from any conspicuious branding, there isn't any "showy" metal hardware and the leather is typically plain and monochromatic. It is a truly classy designer handbag with the versatility to be dressed up or down; I can just as easily imagine this being worn by a twenty-something oozing Parisian-chic, as I can a business woman dressed in a tailored suit from a brand like Akris.

As good as it looks, I have heard some complaints about the functionality of the design. The belt feature on the front of the bag hides a metal clasp that secures the bag's front flap. This metal clasp can be difficult to access, making it slow and troublesome to open and close the handbag. I have also read that it is difficult to access the bag without placing it down on a flat surface, as once the flap is open the bag can have a tendency to swing open. These are issues faced by many luxury designer bags, and I know from experience that they can be real deal-breakers.

That being said, I have also read and heard many positive reviews about Céline's Belt Bag. People seem to enjoy its large open compartment (which fits much more than you might expect), and the ability to carry the bag hands-free thanks to the shoulder strap.

Each to their own I suppose! But given how much joy the design brings me, I think that I could probably forgive the Belt Bag for any of its potential flaws.

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