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Thursday, 18 May 2017

What is a Royal Warrant? And Which Designer Bag Brands Have One?

stored and adored designer bag blog: Madrid royal palace
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Royal warrants are issued by royal families, or family members, to companies from whom they regularly (over a period of years) purchase goods or services. In this way, a royal warrant indicates the patronage of a royal family or royal family member and allows a company to advertise this fact, thus lending them prestige. Obviously, royal warrants can only be obtained in countries that still have a royal family so this does limit the number of luxury brands that have attained a royal warrant. 

As this blog is dedicated to designer handbags, it seems appropriate to discuss the brands that have attained a royal warrant thanks to their designer bags. 

In England, there are two designer brands that enjoy a royal warrant thanks to their luxury leather goods; Launer and Smythson. Launer is famous for being the sole supplier of handbags to Queen Elizabeth II, and the brand has been doing so since 1968. According to insiders, Queen Elizabeth II now has over 200 Launer bags with the 'Traviata' appearing to be her preferred model. In contrast, Smythson's designer bags aren't carried by Queen Elizabeth II herself, but she did appoint Smythson with a royal warrant for their stationary. It was actually HRH Prince Phillip, The Duke of Edinburgh, who appointed Smythson with their royal warrant for leather goods - so it's definitely worth taking a look at their men's range.

Over in Belgium, Delvaux enjoys its own royal warrant which was first awarded to the brand by King Leopold II in 1883. Today, Delvaux still supplies the Belgian royal court and therefore its royal warrant is continually renewed. The brand's designer handbags are famous worldwide, and the they are renowned for their high quality. 

Similarly, the designer fashion house Loewe enjoys a royal warrant for supplying its goods to the King of Spain. Loewe is particularly famous for its luxury leather bags, which are still produced in Madrid - the same city where the brand was first founded. Indeed, Loewe handbags are still considered the height of Spanish luxury and the brand has established a name for itself across the world, with approximately 150 stores and concessions distributing their designer bags. 

Many other companies have been endorsed with royal warrants, but these four brands are celebrated specifically for their designer handbags.

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