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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

1 Simple Bag Update That Will Transform Your Style

storedandadored designer bag blog: transform your style with exotic leather
photo by Wen-Cheng Liu / CC BY

My advice for anyone who is looking to trasform their style; buy less, and buy better. But what does "better" mean?

I recently watched video by a YouTuber called Alex - from HRH Collection - in which she discussed how even top-end (read: Hermès) handbags are starting to look 'basic'. What she means by 'basic' is that the market is becoming oversaturated with the same types of bags, and everyone is beginning to look the same. The designer handbags that you covet might actually only serve to make you look like everybody else, and that isn't actually going to help you carve out a style of your own. 

I know that what I'm about to say goes against some of the ideas I spoke about in my reasons why you should buy mini bags, but I think that these two posts contain advice for two different kinds of shoppers! If you're reading this post then you're looking to know how to transform your style with just one simple change - and my advice is to go exotic.

stored and adored designer bag blog: exotic leather bags

In everyday life, it's still unusual to see many women carrying exotic leather handbags. There seems to be an enduring belief that exotic leather bags are reserved for the super-rich, and this just isn't the case! There are different sorts of exotic leathers, the most common types are made from; snakeskin, ostrich skin and crocodile skin. However, I have also seen handbags made from Shagreen (made from shark or stingray), Iguana, Lion (exclusively vintage pieces) and other more unusual materials. I wouldn't endorse the use of all exotic leathers, but if you do your research then I'm sure you'll find one or two that you're comfortable carrying.

If you're reading this and the thought of exotic leathers just doesn't make your heart sing, or you're ethically opposed to the use of these exotic materials, then there is another semi-exotic option. Akris, a Swedish fashion house that's particularly popular in the USA, makes luxury handbags from woven Mongolian horsehair. The horsehair is collected from the tails of the animals (meaning no animals are injured or killed during the process) and this hair is then woven into sheets of fabric. The fabric is then used in the production of Akris' Ai Horsehair Bags, which enjoy an incredibly unusual and luxe finish (as pictured above). I'd highly recommend bags made from this fabric as a more ethical alternative to exotic leathers.

storedandadored designer bag blog: 1 simple bag update
photo by Wen-Cheng Liu / CC BY / edited: resized, sharper, brighter

Buying pre loved exotic leather bags is a great way to buy into this luxury end of the market without completely breaking the bank. Brands like Delvaux and Kwanpen make luxurious exotic leather bags that can be bought pre-loved for a fraction of their original retail price. Although the outlay investment might be higher than buying another preloved bag, investing in exotic leather bags is an easy way to transform your style and stand out from the crowd. 

If you're interested in updating your handbag then you should check out the Stored and Adored online store where we stock pre loved exotic leather bags, with worldwide shipping.


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