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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Designer Clutch Bag

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Are you considering the purchase of a designer clutch bag? I think that it's a marvellous idea, and here are the 4 reasons why I think you should bite the bullet and add a clutch to your collection.

Clutch bags are always stylish

Clutches are pretty fashionable right now, and they always have been really. Unlike other styles, clutch bags are always a stylish choice - especially if you keep an eye on seasonal colours and other micro trends. Right now, for example, embellishment is a big trend with a number of luxury designers, so opting for an embellished clutch bag might be a good way to maximise your bag's cool factor.

Clutch bags are often a less expensive choice

I said this in my reasons to buy mini bags post, and it's true for clutch bags too. Usually, but not always, clutch bags allow you to buy into your favourite designer brands at a more affordable price point. This is often because clutch bags are the smallest size of bag that the brand will make, which almost necessitates offer a lower price to purchases. If you want to buy into an expensive designer brand, especially if you don't want to shop pre-loved, then clutch bags might be a good option to explore.

storedandadored designer bag blog
photo by Viv Lynch / CC BY

Clutch bags force you to carry less

If you carry a clutch, even a big clutch, then you're going to have to downsize the amount that you carry around each day. It might seem like a negative, but it will actually have benefits for your body. Carrying heavy bags isn't good for your shoulders or back and can actually cause terrible strain on your muscles. Swapping a clutch bag into your routine will force you to carry less, and embracing a more minimal handbag might actually do your body some good!

There is a clutch bag for everyone 

Lucky for us, there are so many different clutch bag designs out there that it's entirely possible to find the one in your perfect size, shape and style. Personally, I like unstructured clutch bags that are deceptively roomy - bags that look small but actually fit everything I need inside. I've found that 3.1 Phillip Lim's 31 Minute Clutch Bags are a particularly good choice for me, but if you like another style then be reassured that with a little searching you'll definitely be able to find it.

Would you buy a designer clutch bag?
Are there any particular clutch bags on your wishlist?

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