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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Pre Loved Designer Bags

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photo by Zohaib Akhtar / CC BY / edited: brighter, sharper

Are you considering buying a pre loved designer bag?
Here are 5 great reasons why you should take the plunge and shop pre loved.

Designer Bags are Engineered to Last 

Designer bags are incredibly expensive, and to justify this price they're generally made to last you a lifetime. In the good old days, a leather handbag would be worn until it had to be repaired and then you would keep on repairing it. Today, bags are still made to last but the fast cycle of fashion means that come the end of the season and they're thrown away by the truckload. Buying pre loved designer bags saves perfectly useful and functional products from oblivion, and you get all of the same original design and engineering at a discounted price.

storedandadored preloved designer bag blog: 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli
photo by Zohaib Akhtar / CC BY / edited: cropped, resized, sharper, brighter

Pre Loved Bags Allow You To Buy Into Brands That You Otherwise Couldn't Afford

I know from experiecne that buying designer fashion isn't just about the designer goods themselves, and it will always be somewhat about the brand name. I would never purchase a designer bag I didn't love just because it was made by Loewe (one of my personal favourites), but when I do buy a Loewe bag I feel that I'm participating in a wider culture of design and luxury aesthetics. Everyone who is "into" designer handbags has a brand, or a couple of brands, that they dream about. Pre loved designer handbags allow you to buy into brands that you otherwise couldn't, or wouldn't, afford. Not only does this mean that you can buy a designer bag that you love at a discounted price, but it also means that you participate in an aesthetic culture that might otherwise seem off limits. In essence, the pre loved designer bag market is democratising

You Can Save Money on Current Styles

The pre loved designer bag market is a great place to find current styles at a discounted price. You can save hundreds of pounds by buying a last-season colour, or a bag with a tiny bit of wear on the strap. It all depends on your priorites, but often the discounts are truly enormous with even the gentlest signs of wear. Choosing to compromise on the little things can save you a lot of money.

stored and adored preloved designer bag blog: Saint Laurent Chyc Bag
photo by Zohaib Akhtar / CC BY / edited: sharper, brighter, resized

You Can Hunt Down Lost Treasures 

Alternatively, the pre loved designer bag market is the best place to find the designer bag of your dreams that you missed out on three - or even ten - seasons ago. I remember when I first saw a picture of the Gucci Soft Stirrup Bag and couldn't get it out of my mind, and my only option was to buy it preloved. The sense of satisfaction when I finally found one was immense. So if there's a bag that you missed out on then it's a great idea to buy it preloved. 

Embrace The #30Wears Philosophy

Another great reason to buy pre loved designer bags is that you're giving a bag a second lease of life. When a designer bag is thrown away, so is everything that went into creating the bag; the life-span of all the design-effort, advertising materials, leather, and hardware is brought to its conclusion. If that item has only been used once, twice or even ten times, then a lot more is going to waste than the bag itself. It's almost certainly a greener choice to purchase pre-loved designer bags as its basically the most fashionable sort of recycling! By shopping pre loved, you'll help bags reach their 30 wears (read more about that here) and you will help the fashion eco-system become more sustainable. 

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